B.E.I GROUP includes three realities active in the field of mechanics, ranging from processing for third parties of B.E.I Meccanica, to the construction of machinery and in particular cold rolling mills of B.E.I. Rolling Mills to finish with the production of a wide range of pneumatic vibrators by Vibronord, which joined the group in 2019 and is now an integral part of a growing group.

Manufacturing and Machine Design
Via Brodolini, 6- 20863 CONCOREZZO (MB)
phone. ( 39)039 6042131
P.IVA/ C.F. IT06858780965 SDI: SUBM70N

B.E.I. Rolling Mills srls
Cold Rolling Mills and Special Machines
Via Prealpi 12 - 20855 LESMO (MB)
phone +39 039 6042131 internal 2
P. IVA /C.F. IT09548060962 SDI: SKUA8Y6

Pneumatic vibrators for industry
Via Brodolini 6 - 20863 CONCOREZZO (MB)
P.IVA /C.F. IT03551350961 SDI: SUBM70N

tel. +39 039 68 00 139

For commercial information, requests for information or offers, please fill out the contact form:

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