About us

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[column width=”2/3″ place=”last” ]B.E.I. is inserted in the field of cold rolling, by presenting a series of manual and motorized machines.

Particular attention was given to the choice of materials for the construction of the rolling cylinders; Certified quality alloy steels were used, which were subsequently subjected to cutting-edge heat treatments, allowing excellent results to be achieved. Certain of the work carried out, we can therefore afford to offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against breakages on all our cylinders. [/column]

[column width=”2/3″ place=”first” ] As regards the structures of the motorized rolling mills, we have favored stability and essentiality by reducing the fairings to a minimum, which can constitute a source of noise and entail additional costs useless. Our simple, yet advanced structure allows you to work in complete safety and comfort. Rolling mills with a load-bearing structure have a closed-circuit cylinder lubrication system, thus preventing the final product or any processing residues from becoming contaminated, making recovery operations more difficult and costly. We have also tried to keep background noise to a minimum, to allow for greater comfort during prolonged use; furthermore, the variation in the speed of the rotation of the cylinders allows you to choose the optimal advancement in each rolling phase, adapting it to every type of alloy and requirement.

Our qualified personnel is capable of designing and developing high tech customized machinery matching all your needs.

The components of our machines are, therefore, entirely designed and manufactured by us or our partners in our group.


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