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Mill RLF130 - 058 RLF

Mill RLF130 - 058 RLF

This product is suitable for all the needs of rolling light. Suitable for anyone who needs to make machining of reduction in thickness up to 5 mm. The rolling cylinders are avaiable in various configurations, WIRE - PLATE - PLATE / WIRE allow you to meet all your needs. Can be manufactured and assembled cylinders available upon request, with profiles or shapes on drawing. The versions with gear, you can perform the same work, faster and with less effort. The additional external cylinders can process special profiles can be made with shapes in the drawing. All parts of the mill were studied in detail, attention to detail, even on an object easy to use makes it unique in its kind. All parts in contact are devoid of sharp edges that may prove to be not only a source of physical damage to the operator, abrasion points for the material being processed, the parts are not painted and therefore there is no possibility that the material that is processed crawling may be contaminate.


Cod. 058 RLF
Mod. lastra filo rid. / plate wire red. / plaque fil red.

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